Lielupe by Semarah Hotels Opens New Hall

2017, May 26

Together with numerous guests – clients, partners, and friends Lielupe by Semarah Hotels in Jūrmala was officially opened on May 25, 2017, making it the thirteenth venue and currently the largest event space not only in this hotel but also in the city of Jūrmala. This further solidifies Lielupe Hotel's ambitions in the event organization field on both the national and Baltic scales.

No other hotel in Jūrmala has event halls suitable for large-scale events and equipped with the latest technologies, all in a 544-square-meter area. Essentially, it is a hall that can accommodate various types of events, including conferences, sports and dance competitions, seminars, exhibitions, and presentations. In essence, it is a versatile space equipped with ideal sound and lighting systems for any event. Furthermore, if necessary, the client can supplement the sound and lighting systems according to the specific technical requirements of the event.

"Previously, there was a tennis court here, which had served its purpose but no longer fit into our hotel's present and especially future development strategy, particularly considering the fact that due to its specific equipment, the space could only be used for one specific purpose. Therefore, last year, during the first phase of the hotel's reconstruction, we began to assess how to transform this space for various functions as well. After market research and consultation with experts, we concluded that our range of offerings required precisely this type and size of multifunctional space, which we see today as the new Jūrmala Hall," emphasizes Juris Baumerts, the manager of Lielupe Hotel.

From the outset of the hotel's reconstruction, the goal of the owners was to create a unified business complex consisting of a large and modern conference center, healthy relaxation opportunities, as well as hotel services. With the opening of the new hall, the hotel now offers 13 conference and seminar rooms of various sizes.

"With the opening of the new hall, we position ourselves as an even more serious competitor to other market participants, as Lielupe Hotel has already been not only an industry leader in Jūrmala but has also taken on the role of organizing conferences, seminars, and other events from Riga. Our trump card is the strategic location – close to both the airport and Riga, while also allowing guests to enjoy the proximity of the sea, fresh air, and tranquility, which, for example, are not as readily available in Riga," emphasizes Juris Baumerts, adding that despite the relatively wide range of available venues in the industry, there are relatively few that can provide service tailored to any client's desires.

He notes that the hotel's services have already been gladly used not only by clients from Latvia but also from the Baltic States, Scandinavia, and the CIS countries, who appreciate the opportunity to organize both leisure and business events in Jūrmala, taking advantage of high-level service and the convenient location.

The hall's advantage lies not only in its spaciousness but also in its state-of-the-art technical equipment. Here, it is possible to hold events in natural daylight, provided by sufficiently large windows, as well as in artificial lighting at any time of the day by covering the windows with light-blocking blinds. Additionally, the lighting system allows for a wide range of color schemes, creating a unique and unforgettable palette of vivid emotions for event participants. Moreover, the stage with an area of 48 square meters can be placed anywhere in the room, allowing events to be planned in any layout. If necessary, the stage can be enlarged or removed.

"Considering that the classic hotel business in the northern hemisphere is still largely seasonal, namely, the highest influx of guests to the hotel occurs during the summer season, it was logical for us to create both a spa area and the aforementioned seminar and conference center. This way, during the summer, the hotel is primarily occupied by vacationers, while during the rest of the year, it caters to business people who organize various local and international business events here while also utilizing hotel services for accommodation and leisure activities. This business strategy allows us to balance costs throughout the year while also providing lower prices for both hotel services and event and spa center services," emphasizes Juris Baumerts.

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