The favourite trip for two friends is a seaside getaway…

Every time they were by the sea, they loved watching the sun set, painting the sky in warm shades of orange and pink. When they both stood by the sea, they felt like the freest and happiest travellers in the world.

This feeling was enhanced by the magic of each season:
In SPRING, blooming flowers filled the air with their intoxicating fragrance.
In SUMMER, the green leaves and lush carpet exuded a sense of powerful energy.
In AUTUMN, the stunning golden leaves amazed them.
And in WINTER, there was peace and a snowy fairy-tale atmosphere.

All of this can be found here, at Hotel Lielupe, where every traveller will find unforgettable adventures in any season! Thanks to these unforgettable adventures and rich recreation feelings, two friends decided to call Lielupe Hotel their home!

Every day, they will create, share, and TOGETHER experience tremendous relaxation with every hotel guest.

Meet our best friends – Leo the cat and Lupe the mouse!”



3€ / 30 min
5€ / 60 min
30€ / all day