SLIM-FACE-LIFT facial skin care by Ericson Labaratoire

60 min.
39 €


Slim Face Lift – new French institute program is designed to reconstruct facial oval and lift facial skin without surgical intervention. It is an effective cosmetic alternative to plastic surgery and skin renewal injection methods.


Includes: cleaning, toning, peeling, facial massage and mask, application of facial skin care products, salt room visit.


Pearl Brilliance

90 min.
49 €


Unique mineral complex and particles of pearl shells clean and nourish the skin. The procedure gives the skin freshness, elasticity and pearly shimmering.

Includes: peeling with black pearl particles, massage with shining lotion, salt room visit.


Baltic Sea Secrets

120 min.
69 €


Anti-aging and rejuvenation procedure after winter period. Seaweed wrapping is one of the thalassotherapy directions, which uses the healing properties of sea and its products.
Thalassotherapy aims to saturate the body with missing macro and microelements. Your skin becomes smooth, healthy and radiates youthfulness.

Includes: paraffin mask for hands, sea salt peeling, back massage, seaweed wrap, salt room visit.


Offers valid until 31.05.2019.
Service Hours

Daily, 10:00 - 22:00



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