Muzikinis vakaras


At the terrace of the lobby bar


Piano and vocal charm, carefree conversations in a great company, various snacks and unforgettable cocktails.

The closest musical evenings:

Violin & vocal with Katy Tindemark – an experienced artist who has performed in concert venues in Spain, China, France and elsewhere.

An evening of live flamenco music and world hits in an original performance with Victor Bernan.

An evening of live music with Jussendo – singer, composer and pianist, who works mainly in Soul, R&B, Smooth jazz, Pop, House music genres.

An evening of live music with producer and multi-instrumentalist Edijs Jurevics. He performed in orchestras, groups and as a solo artist. He improved himself as a vocalist in the group “Crow Mother” and describes himself as a musician who works in all styles – from Jazz to Rock.

An evening of live music with singer and musician, finalist of the Young Talent Factory and one of the best cover music performers in Latvia – Paul Fomkin.

An evening of live music with Martins Taranda – X Factor participant, well-known performer in the Baltic countries.